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Entrepreneur India Partners
10 April, 2017JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi
India’s Premier Convention for
The Financial Technology Industry

Conference Agenda

Payments and Transfers 2.0: Building a Cashless Society The Money and the Mobile Integration

Session 3

Time: 14:15 pm - 15:00 pm

The way in which payments are made within and beyond borders is changing dramatically. The near future will bring an influx of smart devices connected to the Internet. The amount of transactions between consumers and devices, and even more important between devices will grow exponentially. This will create a need for (instant) financial settlement of transactions on a much larger scale than the current payment market handles.

Session Highlights:

  • Innovation in payments - the key technology enablers leading to the end of cash
  • Impacts of and challenges ahead for (Digital) Payment stakeholders
  • What does the shift of money transfer and payments towards mobile mean for traditional financial service providers?
  • Indian mWallet market: trends and forecasts for technologies, stakeholders and value-chain
  • How the mobile payment industry will go through a revolutionary shift from payment-only transaction technologies to value-added connected world services.
  • The trends in mobile telephony technology and mobile money transfer