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Entrepreneur India Partners
10 April, 2017JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi
India’s Premier Convention for
The Financial Technology Industry

Conference Agenda

New Games - New Rules for 21st century Banking

Session 1

Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Session Highlights:

  • How is banking infrastructure evolving?Redefining customers for future profitability
  • The provision of an Omni Channel Banking Platform: How people and businesses will interact with their local branch in next five years
  • Faster settlement times and enhanced payment security: How fast is too fast?
  • Is technology a boon or Bane for the retail-banking sector? Who Owns the Customer Relationship
  • Regulations Vs technological innovations: Being agile while still being compliant
  • Clever Banking: How can banking firms better manage the relationship between employees and intelligent machines?
  • Methods for digital customer on-boarding with reasonable assurance